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The alarm clock of my mobile rings every nine minutes, and I’d already silenced it three times. In that thirty seconds time, between my hand’s reaching for the snooze button for the fourth time and me thinking of the things that I can give up that morning for a nine more minutes sleep, I opened my eyes and threw my dead body from bed to bathroom. After taking a quick shower I gathered my hair and wrapped into an easy bun, poured some water into the kettle, turned the drawer into a mess to find a new pair of stockings –‘cause there was a run in my old one– well, this pair did not match with that blouse, but never mind that now, don’t mind the coffee either, I better buy one at the subway. After twenty-five minutes, finally I’m at the subway station. While running with a paper cup in my hand, I spilled coffee on my blouse. The blouse did not match with the stockings and on top of that, it had now coffee stains all over it.

I came to the office. The elevator stopped five times until it rides up to the twenty-third floor; tired faces and eyes silently watching sliding numbers got out of it one by one. Phone calls that I made all day long, the pre-paid theater ticket left sadly in my purse because of the unplanned long meeting and even that was the case, as I was taking my chances and running for the theater, my broken stiletto heel stuck through the floor grill etc. Anyway, all of these are not worth mentioning.

I came back home. I took off both my shoes, the broken and the other useless one. I put the radio on and poured myself a glass of wine. Finally, I was coming to life with “A kiss to build a dream on”. I was unable to leave my job, but I could go away for a little while and bring my energy back with a one-week-long trip, with a kiss of life.

That’s the story of my coming to Bodrum. Now in the mornings, I wake up not with alarm clock but with sunshine. The sound of waves joins to the bird songs. I love the boat’s woody scent on my bare feet. We are more modest than ever, we brought just a small bag with us. We don’t eat like a horse– we eat until we’re satisfied. The sea is clean, the air is clean, my bed is clean, my pillow is clean, the boat is spick and span, the sky is smooth and bright. Some nights I lay myself down outside, watching the stars… Thinking about this moment only. I got to know new people here and none of them shouts while talking, only our laughters are merry. I have brought three books in my small bag– all of them are wonderful books that I bought a long time ago, but I never had time to read any of them. I read two of them as quick as a wink and tomorrow I’ll start reading the third one.

Forget the over land-based team-building events. Put the “Out of Office” on and get your team to our Gulets for some morale-boosting team building. It would be a dynamic, lively and surprising area. Your team will be excited and engaged. There will be many clever and fun activities.
Or you can choose water-based activities like sailing. Many groups prefer to provide sailing classes to improve team building notion.


Every day we people on the boat salute the sun together early in the morning. We also welcome the sunset with yoga. Twice a day, on the deck… As we glide away with the waft of the sea breeze, sometimes we take a fancy to a bay; in that case our captain anchors there and we go ashore to do yoga. We have an excellent yoga master. Our food comes from local producers and our lovely chef pays special attention to clean agriculture. The Bodrum tangerines they’ve kept since winter are amazing!

I jump into the sea and watch little fish schooling in the turquoise. To my surprise, “water…” is such a beauty, such a sparkling happiness.

I feel free. When I’m back home, will everything suddenly come back to its old messy state, too? Partly, yes. I’ll go on a new trip, then. That’s part of how one feels and becomes free. It does not happen at a single stroke. It penetrates into your body sip by sip.

Thank you, Mediterranean! Thank you for what you’ve taught and what you’ve offered to me. Thank you for your friendship. I’ll come again. Please keep on being so clean till I come back.

With all my heart,

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Serhat KAÇAR

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