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The Bodrum Cup is an annual event conceived in 1989 by ERA Bodrum Sailing Club in order to teach sailing to sea enthusiasts and professional yachting crews. It has endured to date without interruption thanks to support from individuals with a boundless love of the sea. It has contributed considerably to the promotion and love of sailing and will continue to do so.

The Bodrum Cup, which acclimates young generations with the sport of sailing, underwrites many projects that create awareness of the need to protect coves and the sea. It also serves as a research and development kitchen that integrates the regional yacht production capacity with the world. It is a floating boat show where masters and engineers find an opportunity to show off the performance of the yachts they produce.

The Bodrum Cup is one of the rare regattas in the world in which yachts can race with guests on board. This distinguishing feature of The Bodrum Cup offers people who like the sea, but who have never had a chance to sail, experience firsthand the excitement of a sailing race. Inclusion of neighboring Greek islands in The Bodrum Cup over the years has lent it even more color while helping bring the people on opposing shores closer.

Besides the excitement-filled races, participants come together in a number of fun events on both the water and land. A cheerful festival atmosphere materializes from activities like the Blue Voyage Cuisine Cooking Contest and the #instabodrumcup Photography Contest, in addition to concerts. The first steps leading to lasting friendship among people who share the same passion and excitement are also taken during The Bodrum Cup. The event thus evolves into a festivity of adrenaline, passion, love, and friendship.

The Bodrum Cup, which makes both Turkey and Bodrum proud, is turning its attention to spreading to new routes starting with the Mediterranean, and to initiating new enterprises of worldwide impact with greater participation by foreign yachts, now that the Honorary Founding Chair Erman Aras has passed on the management baton to the young team headed by Suleyman Unsal.

And finally, this years schedule has been recently announced…

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