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Green and blue mesh in Göcek where trees reaches the sky rising from the sea…Ağa Port, Göbün, Sarsala, Boynuzbükü, Bedri Rahmi bay, Yassıca islands are the foremost bays of the gulf.
Boynuz Bükü (Horn Bay)

It is a large bay located in the west of the Küçük yılanlı Island. (Island with small snakes) The sea is always calm in this place as a result of its natural breakwater. There is a lighthouse tower at the eastern end of the island. The region in the south where the stream joins the sea is shallow and covered with reeds. Oleanders crown the coastline and it is known for its rare diurnal trees. Boynuz Bükü is a pleasant destination with its restaurant, walking areas and water sports center.

Aga Port

Aga Port is divided into two as ‘west’ and ‘northwest’. The part extending to the west is called the "Büyük Köy". (Big Village) The part extending to the northwest is called "Küçük Köy”. (Small Village) The port is great for overboard jumping. At the junction of the beach and the cliffs, a fresh and cold water spring comes from the bottom to the surface where the water keeps its coldness. It is possible to visit the Byzantine and Roman ruins after reaching the village from the road, hiking through a challenging path.

Bedri Rahmi

The bay’s real name is ‘Taşyaka’. (Stone side). The bay’s new name was dedicated to Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a famous artist, who has visited tha place in 1974 and painted on a piece of rock here. The work of art in holds 6 animal depictions under a fish view. The bay became world famous upon his art work and now is called the ‘home of art’. The ceramic and glass mosaics on the big rock next to the art work of the famous painter are also worth seeing. Carved tombs on these rocks are very unique and to be discovered. The mosaic work of a kite that Azra Erhat performed on the stone is also here. The small beach dominated with olive trees is located on the rear area of the north west corner. The restaurant, which is located on the beach, is a great option for amateur gourmets. It is possible to reach the Lycian Tombs by following the steep path in the bay. Bedri Rahmi Bay has become a must-visit stop of the blue voyage routes with its natural fresh water source.

Domuz Island (Boar Island)

Domuz Island is named after the wild boars that are thought to live on its hills and are said to have swam here. It is also known as ‘Hürriyet Island’. (Freedom Island) The island where olive groves and pine forests dominate is sheltered from winds. Many ancient ruins such as rock tombs are encountered. Some of the underwater remains are visible from the surface.

Göcek Island

It is located at the entrance of Göcek, surrounded by pine trees on both sides with inclined steep slopes. The west side is called 'Batı koyu’ (West Bay) and the east side 'İncirli Koy’. (Fig Bay) There is a cafe and bar on the island and the fisherman boats shuttle passengers every hour between Göcek Island and the Municipal Marina.


Hamam was named after the baths, which are rumored to have been built by Cleopatra. It is also known as ‘Manastir Bay’ (Monastry Bay). The bay is surrounded by pine and olive trees and back bay is close to the open seas hence is the coolest place in the region. The narrow coast to the west connects the land to the Kapıdağ Peninsula. Remains belonging to the Lycian period are encountered and the ruins of the historical baths can be seen underwater. You can watch Gökgemile Harbor from the hill reached by following the path that curves in the middle of the bay which is 1 hour walk from the ancient city of Lydia.

Sarsala (Weasel)

Sarsala is known for its tranquility and panoramic view where pine trees dominate the region. The sea floor is stony, the sea water is warm and always calm. That’s the reason why it is among the most ideal bays for families. On the beach, there is an area for beach volley and fun a water activities center.

Kapi Koyu (Gate Bay)

Kapı Koyu is the most preferred destination for rest and relaxed activities. It is a hidden paradise for nature photographers. The wall built to protect the city on the Kapıdağ Peninsula extends from the bay to the hills. The pathway following the south coast ends in Hamam Bay.

Tersane (Shipyard)

The place, formerly known as ‘Talendria’, is the largest of the Göcek Islands. It has a narrow mouth and is divided into two as ‘Kış Limanı’ (Winter Harbor) and ‘Yaz Limanı’. (Summer Harbor) Tersane is separated from Domuz Adası by a canal extending westward. Some parts of it are dominated by olive trees. There is a facility and a watchtower located among palm trees on the island. The island used to be a safe haven for seafarers during the Byzantine period. Residents of the island had to emigrate in 1922 due to the ‘Population Exchange Convention’, signed in between Turkey and Greece. There are historical remains from the Ottoman Empire which are located in the Kış Limanı.

Yassica Islands (Flat Islands)

Yassıca Islands is a region consisting of flat small islands side by side. There are large and small sheltered bays. Some of these islets are within swimming distance to each other. Pine and olive trees dominate the island. Yassıca Islands became popular with the natural pool located at the tip of the islands. A shore-based boat is a water sports center. And here you can witness the most romantic setting of the sunsets.

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