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Marmaris - Hisarönü - Fethiye

Turquoise Coast, Marmaris is an open bay with pine-forested hills and beautiful sea with all tones of blue. When you weigh anchor towards Ala Burun, Bozburun, Selimiye and Hisarönü you will feel as you are sailing in an aquarium but not in an ordinary sea. Kadırga bay, Korsan bay, Dirsekbükü, Tavşanbükü awaits for you with unique blue which you will not forget. Dirsekbükü is a local taste of a fishing village you will savor while you meet fishing boats and local ladies making bread on this sheltered, crystal water.
Bencik Bay

Bencik Bay is of historical importance with its history dating back to the Persian period. The bay is thin, long and sheltered. There is 'Dişlice Island' at the entrance of the bay. The bay’s northern part is shallow which is covered with reeds. Pine forests dominate every point where the sea and the coast meet. You can hike to Bördübet Bay. This construction-free place, where there is always a sweet breeze is a hidden paradise.


Bozukkale Bay, which is wide and deep, is an overboard jumping port. The sea floor is covered with a mixture of sand and brome grass. Bozukkale is surrounded by mountains and has restaurants by the beach and a wooden pier. You can reach the old Loryman walls at the top of the mountain by following the pathway ahead of the pier, in the west. The Ancient Age Castle can be visited after a challenging climbing route in the vicinity.

Kadırga ( Galiot)

Located opposite the Kadırga Lighthouse, Kadırga is a bay known for its tranquility and diving center. There is a gravel beach at the end of the bay. Steep rocks in the southeast have formed a natural springboard. The bay hosts sea life monitoring competitions. The sunken ship belonging to the Hellenistic period, attracts blue voyage passengers towards scuba diving.


Orhaniye with a history dating back to the 3rd century BC is an important destination on the Gulf of Hisarönü front, with a panoramic view, surrounded by pine trees. At the top of the island, there are castle ruins thought to belong to Bybassos Kingdom. The sea is always calm. Kız kumu Beach (girly sand), named after a story of King of Bybassos’s daughter, is very popular. The shallows formed like a channel in the middle of the bay feel like walking on the water. The red sand of the world-known beach, coming out during the tidal times is interesting. Orhaniye has become a popular destination for also adrenaline lovers with its water sports center.


Selimiye, which hosted the Hydos Civilization in ancient times, feels like an open-air museum. There are remains of the city walls and mausoleums from Hellenistic ages. This place, declared as a natural protection area, is a significant destination with its historical ruins, boutique hotels, concept workshops and traditional flavors. The bay, dominated by pine, olive, willow and almond trees, has a high oxygen level. Because it is a natural harbor and spawning ground, it is one of the best places where the freshest fish can be obtained.

Serce Port (Sparrow Port)

Serçe Port is a bay hidden among the high rocks, harboring still waters. The harbor has a natural carved gate made of rocks, where olive trees attend to the slopes. In underwater researches, a Byzantine ship wreck belonging to the 11th century was discovered. Items removed from the wreck are exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum. The port offers unique frames to those interested in the art of photography.

Sığliman (Shallow Harbour)

Sığliman resembles a lake with its warm and shallow waters and the beach with fine sand. Forest to the south and rocky hills dominate the north. Selimiye is at a walking distance from here. Sığliman is one of the stops on this route where families with children enjoy the most.

Tavşanbükü (Rabit Bay)

Tavşan Bükü, a wide bay east of Değirmen Cape (Windmill Cape), is known for its tranquility. It is an attractive place for explorers as it is possible to come across rare plant species. The giant red rocks create picture-perfect moments.

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